Makers & Music

vintage and handmade faire at The Heritage Ranch

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November 11, 2018 10am to 4pm


1. Check in
2.  Museum                                                                3. Families Make History                                  4. SoloBee Shelters
5. Lena's OddsNNs
6. Leti Jimenez
7.  Antique Furniture
8.  Mary Lou's
9.  ReDux
10. John Street Jewelry 
11. Nene's Collectables
12. Celtic Kitten
13. Garcia Garden Art
14. Performer's Store                                      15. Teten House                                                  16. Cici Artemisia                                               17. Fish Around The Corner                       18.  Amber's Afire
19. Hope Rains
20. HCMemories
21. Mandila Accents
22. 1/2 Fast Art                                                    23. The Green Room Boutique 

All spaces are $65.00. No power is available, you must provide your own pop up (10x10 maximum), chairs, tables, etc. Please submit your vendor application below and, when selected, we'll forward you a Paypal link to pay your fee and confirm your participation. Questions? Thank you!